How to spend a bad weather…


On a weekend in the late afternoon, we were at home. It was raining through that weekend like a typical winter day in Northern Germany as everyone told me before.

So I was making my hand craft project and my husband was reading a book about Cuneiform script. It is ” Cuneiform (Reading the Past)” by C.B.F. Walker.

Sometimes he came to my place and showed me very interesting photos of beautiful Cuneiform scripts written on many variations of clay tablets. Each sign was quite unique, and suddenly I came up with a brilliant idea for spending such a dark cold rainy day.


I made chocolate cookie dough and then called my husband to bring that book. Then we did writing practice on dough instead of clay tablet.





We used cutlery, chopsticks and knitting needles. Chocolate cookie dough was quite similar texture to clay. It might be a good idea to make it with kids at a rainy day.

Once we finished our practice, I baked them for 15-20 minutes and here is the result.


…yes, actually there were not only Cuneiform scripts, some scribbles were mixed. Anyway we really enjoyed our cookies with hot drink. Let’s try:)


・・・とある雨の日に、夫の楔形文字の本からヒントを得て「くさび形文字クッキー」を焼いてみました! 粘土とクッキー生地って、質感似てる。 意外な発見です。 まだまだ、慣れないワードプレス。四苦八苦しながら、編集しています。 もっと自然な形で書けるまで、もうちょっとかかりそう。 がんばるぞー!


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