Short Holiday in Baltic countries


We really wanted to see Northern Europa in WINTER even though no one was attracted with our holiday plan.


Firstly, We took a train to Berlin and changed train to Polish railway company. We spent 8 hours in the train in total. Along the way, an elderly Polish couple joined same box seat and old lady lent us her six of Polish fashion & gossip magazines. Land scape from our train window was very flat fields and I don’t know why we saw so many Mistletoe on the trees.

…Thank you in Polish is “Dziękuję”.

Vilnius in Lithuania

We took a bus from Warsaw and spent long time in there. Before bus arrive at Vilnius in Lithuania the bus stopped at a bus terminals somewhere in Lithuania and I found a small food stall in very cold weather. Somehow I was so attracted to that stall and had something very tasty middle eastern food. Landscape was still boundless fields but snows changed it to dreamy and unrealistic world in sunset.


Vilnius was a beautiful old town as many visitor’s reputation!

…Thank you in Lithuanian is  “Ačiū”.

Riga in Latvia

I had never seen such a huge market in my life.  These all huge warehouses are markets and even outside.  This huge markets are divided by wide varieties of goods like fresh vegetables and fruits, seafood, meat, daily food, craft beer, alcohol, bakery, delicatessen, traditional craft and so on! I was so amazed.


Also we spent a new years eve in Riga, and joined a count down party at very cold outside with non alcohol Glühwein.  I became insensible with cold and wasn’t sure I was dancing or shivering.


We got some Latvian delicatessen and Afghanistan breads in the market and many old ladies in the stalls were very charming and gorgeous.


…Thank you in Latvian is  “Paldies”.

Tallinn in Estonia

We stayed 3 days in the old town in Tallinn and went to some local villages and walked all over the old town and new town.



At the ferry port in Tallinn, my husband realised that he lost his passport somewhere in our trip. So we spent one more extra night in the same hotel in Tallinn and he looked for his passport in every places we went to before. However we couldn’t find it. So unfortunately he finished our trip and went back to Germany on his own and I took a ferry to Helsinki to complete our trip.

…Thank you in Esthonian is  “Aitäh”.

Helsinki in Finland

When the ferry was just in Helsinki, sea was frozen and small islands were like a pretty snow globe. Snow covered everything and outside was -30 degrees. Our ferry arrived at Helsinki in the evening and I was so hungry. So I directly went to my Airbnb apartment and then had a easy dinner at the local cafe just near by my stay.  I was watching passing people from the window during my dinner. There was so diversity of people from all over the world and it made me feel like a traveler.


I walked many places during my 3 days stay in the winter town and every 2 or 3 hours I had some hot drink for keeping my heat in outside.  However when I completed our trip and came back to home finally I had the flu…

…Thank you in Finish is  “Kiitos”.


ポーランド・ワルシャワへ向かう電車の車窓から見た景色は、大地が果てしなく平らで、水玉模様のようにたくさんの宿り木を見たのが印象的でした。 ヴィリニュス・リトアニアへ向かう途中、滑らかな丘が重なる酪農地帯に吹雪が舞い、刻一刻と日が暮れていく景色がなんとも幻想的で見とれていました。途中立ち寄った停留所に、ポツンとあった小さなケバブ屋台。なぜか惹かれるものがあって注文してみると、いわゆるケバブではなくスパイス香るボリューム満点の中東料理で夫と一緒にあっという間に完食!

ヴィリニュスの古都は、穏やかな印象の美しい街並みでした。 リガ・ラトビアでは、今までの人生で見たことのない巨大なマーケット(市場に似てる?)を見て回って美味しいエストニア料理やアフガニスタンの伝統的なパンを食べたり、古都で-17℃の凍える中、さえない音楽とアルコール抜きのワイン(法律で深夜のアルコール販売は禁止されている)で新年を迎えるカウントダウン・イベントに参加しました。古都周辺には個性的なアールデコ調の建物が数多く残っていますが、少し中心部から離れると、凍った川でアイスホッケーをして遊ぶ子どもたちを見かけたりと冬らしい景色が広がっていました。






4 thoughts on “Short Holiday in Baltic countries

    1. Thanks Suvi! It was a wonderful memory now. In Northern Germany, also summer is coming and green is greener. Hope I have a chance to visit again! next time, I’d like to visit lakeland 🙂

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