Back to my hometown

I went back to my home town for a while and had a lovely time with family and friends. My home town is known as a wide variety of hot springs and a one of therapeutic place since olden days. The top photo is cute, isn’t it? A local artist is creating many animals from natural shape of rocks.


I was quite happy to see volcanic landform. Why it was so special for me? …The answer is a place where I live in now is located in vast flat land. There is also a very beautiful place.


After long flight, hot spring healed my mind and body well. I used to visit hot springs when I felt exhausted like screwed up at work, in the cold winter and of course just for refresh. There is a wide variety of hot springs and each hot spring is surprisingly different! So you can chose it from your health condition and feeling. It is like a joy of taking your favorite tea!

久しぶりに、ふらりと故郷へ帰りました。 私たちの住む北ドイツは、だだっ広く続く平坦な地形なので、山あり谷ありの豊かな地形の表情がなぜかとっても新鮮に映りました。 短期間だったけど、色々な場所へ出かけたり、家族や友人と過ごす時間ができて良い滞在となりました。いろんな出会いで、癒し&パワーをもらった気がしています♪ ありがとう!!



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