Make my own market bag


A lovely open-air market opens every Saturday morning in the square near by our place.

Also this season we can find small stalls that sell mainly white asparagus “spargel” and strawberry on the street. One day I saw some people brought beautiful vine woven basket in the market. It made me want to make a something special and durable market bag!

So I made it with half cotton and half linen blended yarn. I used 2 free patterns “Ilene Bag“and”Pi Bottom Market Bag” from Ravelry and then crocheted around the upper part of the bag and strap.

In Germany, every season, every weekend or even weekday there are some markets open everywhere. I like going to market and find local products.

I found this beautiful birch box at the Christmas market in Lubeck last year.
Lübeck … Oh, I can’t find how to type Umlauts in my Japanese keyboard layout!  


パターンはRavelryのサイトに掲載されている無料の編み図を参考にしています。( “Ilene Bag“and”Pi Bottom Market Bag“)
今の時期は少し前からホワイトアスパラガスや苺が旬で、週末のマーケットだけでなく街中の通りにも小さなスタンドが立って収穫し立てのホワイトアスパラガス&苺が売られています。苺は傷むのが早いので、その日 または翌日に食べ残ったものはジャムにしてヨーグルトやパンのお供にしています。

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