Hamburger Kunsthalle

Today, we went to Hamburger Kunsthalle. It is one of the largest art museum in North Germany. So we had a break in between viewing with a cup of coffee at cafe. There was a wonderful place and we got lots of inspirations from there. Here are some of my favorite pieces from there. (Actually…

It was a …

It was a beautiful weekend. Yes, indeed. Despite of some dreadful incidents happened last week. The sun also rises and shines on us softly. Sometimes it might be hard, but sometimes it makes me so gentle, unexpectedly.

Summer flowers

One day my husband gave me a small candle holder as a souvenir from his business trip.  I was a bit surprised at this small gift and then I remembered a chat when we saw a beautiful sunset.


“Tanabata” is a festival that related to the stars and we celebrate it on 7th of July.