Day trip to Schwerin


One day we went for a day trip to Schwerin in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern. It took almost 3  or 4 hours from our place. There is known for beautiful Schwerin palace along the lake. So we went there and saw lots of gorgeous rooms and garden. After a long walk in the palace, we were very tired with such fancy things. So we had a break at the cafe and I ordered a seasonal kiwi fruits cake. It was nice. Then we walked in old town, and luckily there was a pottery market in the square. We got some tiny figurines for our dining table. It was a lovely weekend.




片道3・4時間の日帰り旅行であっという間の一日だったけど、色々と楽しい一日でした♪ 写真に写っている黒い鳥は、日本語ではその名もそのまま「クロウタドリ」と言います。奏でる歌声が美しく、ヨーロッパでは春を告げる鳥として愛されています。



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