In the blink of an eye


On the way to Schwerin in Germany, we changed a train at Hamburg and waited for the departure for a while in the train. I was watching outside and then a long distance train arrived at the opposite side of the platform. Lots of people with big luggage got off from the train and I saw a woman wearing cowboy hat in the crowds. She was carrying a heavy backpack and seemed like coming back from her journey. Then a man ran over to her side hiding a bouquet on his back. He smiled at her and then she smiled back, then he gave the bouquet to her. Firstly she looked like very surprised and gave a big sweet smile at him, then they went away. That small bouquet was not so fancy, like he just picking some yellow flowers from his garden and wrapped with newspaper, but I felt it looked so lovely. …It was just a blink of an eye and filled my heart with something warm feeling.



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