My favorite place in Bremen


If someone asks me where my favorite place is in this town, I would say “Bürgerpark and Stadtwald”. These parks are like an oasis of calm in Bremen. There are a lovely zoo, nice rest places like a cafe, a restaurant, a beer garden, playgrounds, lakes, jogging trails … and so on! I don’t know yet exactly every detail of these parks.

In these parks, there are many unique trails like a maze, so I have never been bored of walking.

Especially I like walking northern part of Bürgerpark and Stadtwald in the morning. There is quieter than southern part and sometimes you will see deer and a wide variety of birds. There is like a real forest and I really love this concept of the park.


私のブレーメンでのお気に入りの場所は、“Bürgerpark and Stadtwald”と呼ばれる公園です。
なかでも特に私が気に入っているのは、Bürgerpark and Stadtwaldの北の部分で、ここは街に居ること忘れるような緑溢れる静かな場所で、時おり鹿やキツツキなどの鳥たちと出会えます。そして、更に北へと進むと大きな湖が現れます。



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