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My favorite place in Bremen


If someone ask me where my favorite place is in this town, I would say “Bürgerpark and Stadtwald”. These parks are like an oasis of calm in Bremen. There are a lovely zoo, nice rest places like a cafe, restaurant and beer garden, playgrounds, lakes, jogging trails … and so on! I don’t know yet exactly every detail of these parks.

In these parks, there are many unique trails like a maze, so I have never been bored of walking.

Especially I like walking norther part of Bürgerpark and Stadtwald in the morning. There is more quiet than southern part and sometimes you will see deers and wide variety of birds. There is like a real forest and I really love this concept of the park.


私のブレーメンでのお気に入りの場所は、“Bürgerpark and Stadtwald”と呼ばれる公園です。
なかでも特に私が気に入っているのは、Bürgerpark and Stadtwaldの北の部分で、ここは街に居ること忘れるような緑溢れる静かな場所で、時おり鹿やキツツキなどの鳥たちと出会えます。そして、更に北へと進むと大きな湖が現れます。



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