Dreamy reflection of evening sky on the water surface


I took these photographs on the day before leaving from my hometown. I walked along the banks of the river and mused about my future. I was a bit nervous about my departing for the place where I have never been to before and will stay there at least two years. The sunset on that day was not so special and it was beautiful as usual. But I saw a dreamy reflection of evening sky on the water surface on the way to home. I stopped to see it for a while. It was like a beautiful mirror which was trimmed by embroidered floral lace.



Shetland lace style stole


I actually finished knitting it last month just before my departure. It was a cold day and I wore it with an anxious mind in Tokyo. I can easily remember that day. The sky was gray, strong winds were blowing and people were walking fast in dark colored winter coats..

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When my flight arrived at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta international airport, it was the inauguration day. I waited for two and a half hours for passport control after a long flight from my country. I was totally exhausted when I finally went through passport control. But after that, some lovely airport staff said ‘Welcome to Atlanta!’ to us with bright smiles on the way to exit. I have seen similar scene before, but their smiles were something special and it got rid of my tiredness and made me smile. Continue reading “Atlanta”