Letter to friends


Since I moved to Atlanta with my husband, I received lovely letters and wonderful gifts from friends. All these fantastic words encouraged me a lot. But I was a bit busy to adjust myself to new surroundings and I couldn’t find a time to reply all of them. Now I’ve been living there for six months and I knew our local day by day.  So finally I live with some room in my mind, even though I face to new problems on a day to day basis.

Now the season is mid summer here and it is very beautiful. I wanted to introduce my surrounding with some images, so I drew easy illustrations and made original letters!

In front of my writing desk, there is a large arch shaped window beside trees. Every day, many birds, unique insects like the butterfly and bee, and animals come out in my view and I really love it.



私の机の前には大きな窓があり、そのすぐ傍には木々が植わっています。毎日、色々な鳥たち、蝶や蜂などの虫、そしてリスなどの動物がすぐ傍までやって来ます。そんな日常を伝えようと簡単なイラストを描いて、便せんを作ってみました。色々な種類を作ったので、何が届くかはお楽しみ♪ 無事に届くといいな。



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