Organizing tip for beads

A couple of weeks ago, I gave an Origami workshop for an international cultural event. After finished my workshop, I took the rest of Origami papers home and made these small boxes for organizing my beads. This box’s pattern is very easy! I used to make it as a child but had not been doing…

Circle lace earrings

I got inspiration from my friend’s earrings and made these round shape earrings. They look like lacy crochet motifs. I also made some different color variations and they became my new favorites! While I’m working a cup of coffee is always beside me. That day I made “Wiener Kaffee”. Melted cream made me smile:) いつだったか友人が付けていたイヤリングからアイデアを得て、オリジナルのパターンを作ってみました。レース糸で編んだクロシェ編みのモチーフのようで、小さなビーズが光を受けてきらりと光る表情が気に入っています。

Candy earrings

Yesterday I joined my friend’s beading session and made these earrings. They look like real candies and very pretty!

Pennant-shaped earrings

Finally, I decided to connect my beading ornaments with chains and charms. They are so pretty! It is easy to wear them with any casual coordinate.

Autumn is here

The storm has gone. The sun is now shining on the leaves of trees brighter than usual. The sunlight that comes through the leaves is floating on my desk. It is much cooler than last week and I feel that we are already staying in the beginning of Autumn.

Listen closely

One evening, while taking some pictures I heard strange chirping sounds from the window. I listened to it carefully. That sounds like the bell crickets. But the rhythm and tone are not my familiar one. Even cicadas are still singing boldly every day, the summer will be disappearing day by day. Then a sense of Autumn is filling up…

Beading project # 5

I’m making patterns from my recent sketches. It looks like a feather and sometimes leaf. I’ll try making some color variations anytime soon!

Beading project # 4


Flower shape of earrings

I made some flower shape of earrings with peyote stitch these days. Firstly I used iridescent matte blue and gold seeds beads. Then, I made the second one with translucent matte white, matte copper and gold beads.

My beading works 2017 SS

I’m just into beading this summer, especially making earrings. Since started beading last month, I tried some patterns and made some original patterns. Now I have many earrings in my jewelry box. Today I’ll share some summer inspired works from my collection. Hope you enjoy them! ビーズの楽しさに目覚めて、少しの色を購入してから色々と作ってみました。そんな中でも、つい最近に友人と訪れた博物館で観た、地中海辺りの文明の展示からアイデアを得たコレクションを2017 SSと称して (笑) 紹介します。