Beading & craft class / Custom key rings


This Monday, I opened my beading and craft class and we made a custom key ring! Firstly we made a draft on a paper then practiced a metal stamping on a small aluminum blank. It was the first time for almost all of participants so they got a bit nurvous when using metal stamping kit.

Beforehand I gathered some nice words and short sentences for someone who didn’t decide what word to stamp on the blank yet. But it didn’t seem necessary for all participants. Everyone brought their own words like a family name and message and they did really great job! I wish these custom key rings bring them happiness.




Metal stamping


I really wanted to try metal stamping for a long time and introduce it to my beading and craft class! In this way, we can create a personalised and customised accessory by ourselves. I thought it would be very nice to make a something related to the family because all of my students are from all over the world and left from their family for a long time.

Beading class, headband / double wrap bracelet


I was thinking to make a headband with using the peyote stitch since last year. Continue reading “Beading class, headband / double wrap bracelet”

Craft market in Nishiogi


東京滞在中に、どこかでマーケットに参加できたらと探していたら、滞在の最終日の前日に西荻でクラフトマーケットが開かれることを知り、小さなブースで参加しました。 Continue reading “Craft market in Nishiogi”

Beading class, making starflower stud earrings


Last week, I opened my beading class and we made starflower stud earrings. Continue reading “Beading class, making starflower stud earrings”

Something sweet

Sometimes, you might want something sweet. Continue reading “Something sweet”

Ethnic spice


Sometimes you might want to add ethnic spice to your wardrobe. One day, I got inspiration and made these bracelets. Bright summer is coming here… Continue reading “Ethnic spice”