When I was a child, I always carried a small notebook and sketched whatever impressed me and note down ideas inspired by them. This habit continued well into my adulthood, but my enthusiasm gradually waned even though there was no specific reason.

However, so many things happened in my life and the world last year, and I realized that my mind was still full of thoughts and imaginations like a spring. So I began to think of creating a space where I write these ideas down just like my old habit.

The title of this blog, “The Ecchoing Green”, comes from William Blake’s book, Songs of Innocence and of Experience. I found this book at the TATE museum during my short trip to London. It was in an early morning in late February that I finally decided to create this blog. From a window of my house, I heard birds were singing busily in a pleasant tone. Walking in a nearby park, I found Crocuses were blooming with bright colors at the foot of a naked tree without leaves. I certainly had the sense of spring in that cold morning air. I could feel something was echoing under the ground even thought it was still covered with fallen leaves. Then, an idea occurred to me. “It is time!


Photos from my recent journey in South-western Australia