Words are powerful

今回の San Diego では、人との出会いが旅を更に楽しいものへと変えてくれました。 Advertisements

The entire ocean


Trip to San Diego

週末を入れて少し休暇を取り、夫の友人の住む San Diego を旅してきました。San Diego は西海岸の南端に位置する都市で、約30km下るとメキシコとの国境があります。

Flowers from desert

Trip to Arizona. It was a flower season. Hummingbirds were buzzing around colourful cactus flowers. I felt somehow a mysterious atmosphere surrounded by unique plants of the arid region.

Trip to Arizona

My husband had a business trip to Arizona so I went there together. It was my first trip in the U.S and it was incredible!

Trip to Rostock

I think I am a bit old type of person. I don’t really like watching a display of my smart phone while walking. Because I feel sick. So I wrote down information and map in my notebook before going for a trip and get the picture of destination. One day I went to a port town Rostock…

Hamburger Kunsthalle

Today, we went to Hamburger Kunsthalle. It is one of the largest art museum in North Germany. So we had a break in between viewing with a cup of coffee at cafe. There was a wonderful place and we got lots of inspirations from there. Here are some of my favorite pieces from there. (Actually…