Autumn is here

The storm has gone. The sun is now shining on the leaves of trees brighter than usual. The sunlight that comes through the leaves is floating on my desk. It is much cooler than last week and I feel that we are already staying in the beginning of Autumn. Advertisements

The rainbow light

One evening, the bright afternoon sun reflected the suncatcher and showed beautiful rainbow light on the drawer.

Listen closely

One evening, while taking some pictures I heard strange chirping sounds from the window. I listened to it carefully. That sounds like the bell crickets. But the rhythm and tone are not my familiar one. Even cicadas are still singing boldly every day, the summer will be disappearing day by day. Then a sense of Autumn is filling up…

Beading project # 5

I’m making patterns from my recent sketches. It looks like a feather and sometimes leaf. I’ll try making some color variations anytime soon!

Reflection on the wall

It was beautiful clear skies like Autumn yesterday. It is getting dark earlier day by day even it is still in the middle of summer here.

Beading project # 4


Portable small window to reflect the world


Words are powerful

今回の San Diego では、人との出会いが旅を更に楽しいものへと変えてくれました。

The entire ocean


Trip to San Diego

週末を入れて少し休暇を取り、夫の友人の住む San Diego を旅してきました。San Diego は西海岸の南端に位置する都市で、約30km下るとメキシコとの国境があります。