Ethnic spice


Sometimes you might want to add ethnic spice to your wardrobe. One day, I got inspiration and made these bracelets. Bright summer is coming here… Continue reading “Ethnic spice”


Beading class


I opened my beading class for spouses of international students and staffs in the university. Continue reading “Beading class”

Candy earrings


Yesterday I joined my friend’s beading session and made these earrings. They look like real candies and very pretty! Continue reading “Candy earrings”

Pennant-shaped earrings


Finally, I decided to connect my beading ornaments with chains and charms. They are so pretty! It is easy to wear them with any casual coordinate. Continue reading “Pennant-shaped earrings”

Listen closely

One evening, while taking some pictures I heard strange chirping sounds from the window. I listened to it carefully. That sounds like the bell crickets. But the rhythm and tone are not my familiar one. Even cicadas are still singing boldly every day, the summer will be disappearing day by day. Then a sense of Autumn is filling up the places where the summer has gone.

Beading project # 5

I’m making patterns from my recent sketches. It looks like a feather and sometimes leaf. I’ll try making some color variations anytime soon! Continue reading “Beading project # 5”