Organizing tip for beads

A couple of weeks ago, I gave an Origami workshop for an international cultural event. After finished my workshop, I took the rest of Origami papers home and made these small boxes for organizing my beads. This box’s pattern is very easy! I used to make it as a child but had not been doing…

Candy earrings

Yesterday I joined my friend’s beading session and made these earrings. They look like real candies and very pretty!

Beading project # 5

I’m making patterns from my recent sketches. It looks like a feather and sometimes leaf. I’ll try making some color variations anytime soon!

Flower shape of earrings

I made some flower shape of earrings with peyote stitch these days. Firstly I used iridescent matte blue and gold seeds beads. Then, I made the second one with translucent matte white, matte copper and gold beads.

Letter to friends

Since I moved to Atlanta with my husband, I received lovely letters and wonderful gifts from friends.

My beading works 2017 SS

I’m just into beading this summer, especially making earrings. Since started beading last month, I tried some patterns and made some original patterns. Now I have many earrings in my jewelry box. Today I’ll share some summer inspired works from my collection. Hope you enjoy them! ビーズの楽しさに目覚めて、少しの色を購入してから色々と作ってみました。そんな中でも、つい最近に友人と訪れた博物館で観た、地中海辺りの文明の展示からアイデアを得たコレクションを2017 SSと称して (笑) 紹介します。

Start Beading!

友人のビーズ・クラスに参加して、すっかりシード・ビーズの面白さにはまり、個人的に幾つかのビーズを購入してみました。今回は MIYUKI のシードビーズ Delica #11の中から幾つかの色を選び、糸はBerkley の FireLine 8LB(.18mm)を使用しています。

Making a gift for S

One day, I made a gift for S. She loves “Chibi totoro” from the animated fantasy film “My neighbor Totoro”, which was directed in 1988 by Hayao Miyazaki. So I looked for a chibi-totoro pattern on Ravelry and found “Chibi Totoro Toy” by brella. Also I made a beret and cowl. Firstly I sketched Chibi…

Summer flowers

One day my husband gave me a small candle holder as a souvenir from his business trip.  I was a bit surprised at this small gift and then I remembered a chat when we saw a beautiful sunset.